Successful blogging, to me, means overcoming self-criticisms and the fear of being ridiculed by people for sharing my articles. Successful blogging means that I am open to constructive criticisms because that's the only way I can grow. .


Successful blogging means writing about how I had a good or a bad experience, or how I couldn't have my code all figured out, or how I solved a problem and wanted to share my solution with others, or how I felt my article might not be helping as many people as I want to help and then asking people to tell me where they would need my help. Successful blogging means being real enough to allow my uniqueness as an individual to be reflected in my articles


Successful blogging, to me, means that I am an authority in my field, one who is sought after because of her competence. It means that people make positive reviews of my blog as well as learn a lot from it.


Successful blogging to me means that blogging about my ideas has helped me to become a much better developer, one who can confidently show off her code, because she has learned a lot and has developed her skills solidly, and also helped others to do same.

The Dough

Successful blogging to me means that I make significantly cool cash from writing my blog posts.

In conclusion, my definition of being a successful blogger could be different from yours.
"Success is personally defined. It is subjective and it's what you decide it will be" - Sarah Centrella.
What does successful blogging mean to you?

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