My journey into tech

My journey into tech


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Nothing gives joy like doing what you like, what makes you happy. This is made evident in my life.

In secondary school (high school), when it was time to choose between arts and science, I experienced an agony of choice, I liked both of them. I found arts easier, but I had big dreams in sciences; becoming a pilot, a doctor, or an astronaut, I also dreamt of becoming a lawyer if I decided to go into arts. Truth be told, I dreamt of becoming those things because I wanted to impress family and friends with my big ambitions. But deep down inside me, I knew I didn't just want to be a lawyer, an astronaut, a pilot, or a doctor. I wanted to be great, wealthy, and famous, but by doing what made me happy.

Consequences of my decision

My dad knew my weaknesses in maths, so he advised me to go into the arts, but I chose sciences.

Throughout my secondary school days, I knew I wasn't meant to be in the science class, lol. I struggled to pass my science subjects, and also luckily got admitted into the university to study food science and technology, because I didn't meet the cut off mark for medicine and surgery. In the university, I struggled with thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and all the maths. This got me thinking about what I would like to do when I graduated.

Then it happened

I got to know about programming in one of my conversations with a friend. He showed me his dark screen and showed me a game he was making, and told me I could do the same. That night marked a turning point in my life. Fast forward to this day, I'm into web development, and the only thing I can always hold on to is the satisfaction I get from creating something from my lines of code.

This article was inspired by Anna J McDougall's talk during the Hashnode technical writing bootcamp.