Tech Companies I Am Excited To Work For

Tech Companies I Am Excited To Work For

There are many tech companies that I am excited to work for. Below are some of the tech companies I am excited to work for and why I would love to work for them.

Auth0 (Pronounced Auth Zero)

What is Auth0 ?

Auth0 is a platform that offers authentication and authorization solutions to apps. This means that one wouldn't have to worry about creating one's own authentication and authorization solutions when one is building one's app.

I would like to briefly give a real life example of authentication and authorization. Let's say I want to create a Twitter account. Creating a Twitter account requires authentication, the ability to access Twitter's admin dashboard requires authorization, and, ability to log in after creating an account requires authentication. Knowing what Auth0 can do implies that when we are building our applications, we would focus on creating other features in the application, and use Auth0 to handle providing authentication and authorization solutions for our applications, instead of creating our authentication and authorization services from scratch.

This technical boot camp organized by Hashnode's Sam Sycamore made me to become fascinated about Auth0.

Why would I love to work for Auth0?

There are many positive reviews about Auth0's security features with respect to

  • API
  • Access Controls / Permissions
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Authentication
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Two-factor Authentication,

In addition to that, Auth0's documentations show finesse, intelligence, and scrupulous editing on the part of the writers and the editors.

In addition to this, from my research, I have learned that Auth0 pays very well per article published by freelance technical writers.

Check out the Auth0 Apollo Program to see the amazing opportunities that await you in technical writing.


Almost every developer, especially self-taught developers must have come across freeCodeCamp as the platform where people learn everything about software development in an organized path for FREE.

Did you know that it employs a lot of developers as freelance technical writers ? All you need do is submit 3 of your articles to them and pitch yourself.

Many software developers who write technical articles for freeCodeCamp have testified to me why they enjoy writing for freeCodeCamp with regards to the excellent editing which makes you improve as a writer and the wide audience comprising of millions of readers that you and your content will be exposed to.

One of the things that also strike me about writing on freeCodeCamp is that you still own your work. A serious win win situation.

I would be adding to this article, because it holds a lot of potentials for expansion, as I discover more tech companies to work for. I would be happy to know that my article was helpful to those who read it, and I hoped you enjoyed it. However, what are your views on this ? What are your dream tech companies and why are they your dream tech companies? I look forward to your reactions and responses in the comment section.